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1. - What is a domain name?

A domain or name of domain is the name that identifies a website. Each domain must be unique in Internet. For example, “ A person, company or organization register a Domain in Internet so that acquired name serves to him to others to accede of easier way to the content (webpages, archives, etc.).

2. - What is the system of domain names (DNS)?

The main intention of the names of domain in Internet and of the system of domain names (DNS), is to translate directions IP of each active node in the network, to terms memorizable and easy to find. This abstraction makes possible that any service (of network) can move of a geographic place to another one in the Internet network, even though the change implies that it will have a different direction IP.

3. - What meaning has the extensions .com, .net and others?

In EasynUSA we offer a domain for each necessity, the calls extensions of the domains are known as “domains of first level? we showed some meaning here to him so that it is oriented according to the use that goes away to give to him the domain. I DOMINATE biz, predicted to be used by businesses.
I DOMINATE com, are the extended domains more in the world. They serve for any type of webpage, thematic.
I DOMINATE edu, for services of Education
I DOMINATE org, for organizations
I DOMINATE EP, for pages of Peru
I DOMINATE info, for information
I DOMINATE net, for network infrastructure

4. - There is a limit of years that can be phelp in advance by the registry of a Domain?

You can register and renew the majority of Domains by a period between one and ten years.


We use cPanel as tool of account administration hosting.

The Cpanel that we offer to him is protégé against what type of virus.

When acquiring anyone of our Hosting plans, we are offering him e-mail accounts…

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